How to Finance Your Business Through Factoring Receivables Invoices

Maintaining consistent cash flow is one of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium scale business enterprises today.  According to cash flow management experts many debtors have a tendency of failing to honor their pledges to clear their debts within a stipulated period of time that may between 30 and 60 days. It is during such circumstances that a business entity may be required to rise to occasion by supplementing its operations through sourcing of funds either internally or externally to boost the cash flow. One of the convenient ways of sourcing for funds is invoice factoring. Factoring refers to the process of speeding up cash flow in your


Maternity Leave Pay – Replace Your Income Even if Your Employer Does not Offer Pregancy Benefits

Your health and ability to work may be your most important asset. Most people buy their house and their car using financing: mortgages and/or car loans and leases. They plan to pay for these necessities over time - from future income. Many mothers find that their income will drop significantly even though they are eligable for benefits such as maternity pay. Therfore in order to stretch their budget, mothers look for savings using discount codes and printable baby coupons or baby food coupons. You insure your house, your life, and your car, wouldn't it make sense to insure the asset that makes it all happen - ...

Project Management for New Businesses

Project management isn’t a new field, but it’s a fast-changing one. Trends such as telecommuting, outsourcing, and offshore collaboration have forced project managers to put a new perspective into their jobs, wherein they rely more heavily on each team member and motivation plays a bigger part. Excellent communication is vital to project management in today’s workplace. Each member must have access to all the project information, especially each other’s tasks and deadlines. One way to make sure everyone is up to date is to use simple questions: what needs to be done, when it is due, who is doing it, and how it will be done. This way each member knows ...

The Lowdown on Business Training Programs

Businesses are showing a renewed interest in training, especially on the executive and management levels. And the training industry was quick to respond, offering up such a multitude of options that it’s become the focus of various research efforts. Many business schools now offer courses, sometimes even full graduate programs, aimed at helping people understand how training works in the business sphere. So what makes training so vital in business? For many, it’s the key to getting the most out of employees: giving them multiple skill sets, putting them in various positions, and increasing both individual and group productivity. For others, it’s more of a culture thing. They want to put ...

How Much is an MBA Worth?

The more degrees you have, the more you’re worth in the job market—or so graduate students believed until recently. According to the Wall Street Journal, starting pay for MBA graduates has declined in comparison to the cost of the degree over the last ten years. And that’s only counting the top business schools in the U.S. Assuming you’re paying for your own education (a few get by on fellowship grants), you can expect to earn less upon graduation than someone who did the same program ten years ago. It’s not so much that salaries are down—although they are, on average—but more that the costs are up. An MBA degree at one ...

Customer Service Software: Know Your Choices

Customer service isn’t the easiest part of business, but it’s essential to getting ahead. Unfortunately, dealing with people isn’t everyone’s forte. But that’s where customer service software comes in. It may seem like overkill when you’re just starting out, but many entrepreneurs, whom have also tried using HR software tools for managing staffs or employees, will tell you that even the smallest of businesses can benefit from handling customer relations electronically. As with any other business product, there’s a wide range of choices out there, and there’s no single answer as to what will work best for you. Among the first things you’ll want to consider are your needs: do you ...

Paulson demands breakup of The Hartford (Reuters)

Reuters - Famed hedge fund manager John Paulson on Tuesday demanded that insurer The Hartford Financial Services Group break itself into two companies, escalating a confrontation with management that began with screams on a conference call last week.

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Thousands stranded overseas as Air Australia placed in administration – Herald Sun

The Age Thousands stranded overseas as Air Australia placed in administration Herald Sun

THOUSANDS of Air Australia travellers are stranded overseas after the budget airline was abruptly placed into administration overnight. Up to 4000 travellers have been told to find another way home after the airline's fleet was grounded indefinitely.

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AllianceBernstein disappoints again (Reuters)

Reuters - Money manager AllianceBernstein LP turned in another disappointing financial report on Friday, with fourth-quarter profit and revenue falling short of Wall Street expectations as clients continued to pull money out of its stock funds.

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Big four banks take it in turns to cop a shellacking – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald Big four banks take it in turns to cop a shellacking Sydney Morning Herald It's cute the way our banks have taken turns at being the first to move their mortgage rates by less than a Reserve Bank rate cut or by more than an RBA rate rise or (cue the ANZ logo) to raise them outright - so cute that a cynic might wonder if it's... Attacks over rates just don't add up -Herald Sun Backlash against big four -The Age Banks tipped to follow ANZ on rates hike -ABC Online The Australian -Courier Mail -Perth ...

Humana forecast is below Street view; shares fall (Reuters)

Reuters - Humana Inc forecast a profit for this year below Wall Street estimates, suggesting that investors may be overestimating how much it will earn from a burgeoning Medicare business, and its shares fell almost 6 percent.

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Levee holds as river creeps higher – ABC Online

BBC News Levee holds as river creeps higher ABC Online

A makeshift levee is holding in the southern Queensland town of St George as floodwaters continue to slowly rise. The Balonne River had reached 13.85 metres by 4:00am (AEST) and is still creeping towards a predicted peak of around 14 metres ...

Levee bank saves Queensland town of St George from Balonne River flooding -The Australian St George levee keeps town dry -Sydney Morning Herald Threat to St George eases as Qld mops up -Weekly Times Now Herald Sun all 342 news articles » Go to Source